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Home Insurance

Your home is one your most important investments. One of the first steps we take in preparing your home insurance quote is establishing the insurable value. Most home insurance policies provide for replacement cost coverage of the dwelling, the amount to reconstruct your home how it is now. This being said it is important that we take into consideration certain finishes and upgrades to the home. Square footage, construction grade and construction materials are also items we take into account.

Under insuring your home can lead to large out of pocket expenses for you, making you responsible for a proportionate share of the loss or changing the loss settlement basis to actual cash value whereas depreciation is applied.

On the opposite side of the coin…when you insure to value, some carriers will offer extended replacement cost coverage. If it costs more to rebuild than estimated, limits may go beyond what is stated in the policy by a certain percentage.

Besides insuring the dwelling and the contents of the home; most home insurance products will include liability and/or property damage that you are legally responsible for. Of course all policies contain exclusions and one common in this coverage section is animal liability. Some carrier’s will offer animal liability coverage for additional premium.

We have relationships with several quality insurance companies, making it likely you will find the coverage options you are looking for at a competitive price.

Learn more about our home insurance options today. Contact us today; we look forward to hearing from you.