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Auto Insurance

Two basic coverages are required by Florida. Personal Injury Protection, commonly referred to as No-Fault Coverage and Property Damage Liability. The basic limit on each is $10,000. Personal Injury Coverage is for accident related medical treatment for you; whereas, Property Damage Liability is for damage you cause to the property of others.

Bodily Injured Liability may be purchased to provide medical benefits or compensate persons for injuries caused by your fault or negligence. We highly recommend everyone purchase this coverage to reduce the risk of an injured party looking for you assets.

Medical Payments Coverage is basically a supplement to the Personal Injury Protection. The basic Personal Injury pays 80% of you medical expenses up to the $10,000 limit; Medical Payments will cover the other 20% of you medical expenses up to the limits you purchase.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage is also a highly recommended option. This coverage is for you if the at fault or negligent party does not have any Bodily Injury Liability or not enough for your injuries.

Comprehensive Coverage is coverage for your vehicle for losses other than collisions or upset, such as fire, theft, flood or other weather related losses.. An exception to the other than collision would be collision with an animal. Unfortunately we do see collision with deer claims on occasion.

Collision Coverage is also for you vehicle in the event of collision or upset and will pay towards the repairs or loss of vehicle regardless of who is at fault. This coverage is typically subject to a deductible.

Contact us for a no obligation quote today. We will review other optional coverage such as towing and labor, rental reimbursement and GAP coverage.